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Show 647 When I See It y Cookie w/ #Scrum Master y #Agile Coach Greg Mester

August 1, 2021

#5amMesterScrum Show 647 Live - When I See It I will Know It and  Fortune Cookie Saturday - Today's topics: (1) How many times do we hear "I will know when I see it" and people question the value behind a Sprint Review?  The other day I saw a box load of telegraph glass insulators real cheap and then I came up with an entire interactive display idea for our museum.  But if I did not see the box I don't think I would have thought of it and (2) Fortune Cookie Saturday: One minute of time worth more than one oz. of gold.

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5am Mester Scrum Show 647 went live on Youtube  Saturday 6/19/2021 from Philadelphia, PA 

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